Producers List

In an effort to promote producers who practice sustainable agriculture, we've compiled a list of sources.  Please visit these farms and support their efforts.  If you know of a producer not listed, please CONTACT us.

Anoka-Butte Lumber Company – Marlowe Farms  :  Pasture raised cattle, sheep and pigs                                                           Follow on Facebook

   Located in Butte Nebraska, the cattle and sheep are fed exclusively grass with limited amount of hay in the winter months.  The pigs are fed varying amounts of grain depending on class.

Broken Arrow Farm  :  Pastured Poultry, & Meat Rabbits                                                                                                                        Follow on Facebook

   Broken Arrow Farm is owned and operated by Paul Eitel and is located in the North East corner of WY just outside of Newcastle WY.


Broken Trellis  :  Organic vegetable gardening and natural beekeeping                                                                                                  Follow on Facebook

   Located in Yankton South Dakota, Broken Trellis offers organically grown produce, featuring a large variety of chili peppers, tomatoes, and numerous       other vegetables.

Cliff's Homegrown Beef   :  Grass Finished Beef, free of hormone implants, and antibiotics

   Our beef start life on the native prairies and once weaned move to high quality, high energy, grass alfalfa mix or similar quality winter forage.  Located in Gary, South Dakota

D & S Meats  :  Beef and Heritage Pork                                                                                                                                                     Follow on Facebook

   Direct Marketed meats located in Avon, South Dakota. All animals are raised on a Certified Organic Farm and processed at a Federally Inspected locker.



Dakota Harvest Farm  :  Pasture raised Sheep and Cattle , no growth hormones or antibiotics                                                             Follow on Facebook

   USDA approved and certified by the American Grassfed Association as well as Animal Welfare approved.  Located in Jefferson South Dakota.

Free Happy Farm  :  Pasture raised  Broilers, Laying Hens, and Pigs, no hormones or antibiotics                                                         Follow on Facebook

   Local raised and pastured meat chickens, eggs, and outdoor pigs on a farm located just east of Brookings, South Dakota.

Goosemobile  :  Free-range Beef, Pork, Lamb, Meat Chickens, Laying Hens, Ducks and Geese                                                           Follow on Facebook

   Goosemobile Pastured Meats is a small family farm owned by Travis and Lisa Muth in Canova, SD.  

Got Grassfed  :  Grassfed and Grass finished Beef, no hormones, antibiotics, steroids or other unnatural growth stimulants                Follow on Facebook

   A family and pasture based farm located in Plainview, Nebraska dedicated to transparency, environmental stewardship, healthy food, healthy livestock, and healthy people. 

High Land Hills  :  Pastured Pork and Poultry                                                                                                                                          Follow on Facebook
  A small-scale, pasture based, sustainable, family farm located near Crofton NE. Our mission is to produce meat that is good for our bodies, good for the animals and good for the land. 


Knutson Farm  :  Grassfed registered Black Angus, no GMOs, antibiotics, or growth hormones    
  Owned and operated by Gary & Kyle Knutson near Volga SD, we believe in giving the animals what they were naturally made to consume.


Maveric Heritage Ranch Co  :  Grassfed Beef, Pork Lamb and Goat, no hormones, growth stimulantsor antibiotics  
   Located in Dell Rapids SD, Arie McFarlen or Bret Kortie use rotational grazing pastures, lush with a variety of grasses, clovers and native plants.

Paul Ranch / Wild Prairie Beef  :  Grassfed Ground Beef, no antibiotics, hormones, grain, GMOs, or byproduct feeds                      Follow on Facebook
   Family-owned and operated cattle ranch 30 miles south of Carson, ND, this farm also uses rotational grazing.  Healthy land will raise healthy cattle, which in turn produce healthy beef.


Poultry Guy :  Pastured Chicken and Turkey                                                                                                                                            Follow on Facebook

   Located 5 miles south of Cavour, SD. Loren Fisk raises Pastured Chicken and Turkey, with hopes to expand into pasture-finished beef, lamb, and pork.  

Prairie Rose Organic Farm  :  Certified Organic Beef                                                                                                                           Follow on Facebook    Certified organic through Nature's International Certification Service of Viroqua, WI which means all organic pasture, hay, and supplements (such as minerals and kelp) are used. If health concerns require antibiotics, the animal is identified with a red ear tag and is not considered organic.  Located near Willow City ND.

PrairieSun Organics Farm  :  Organic Pastured Poultry and Idaho Pigs, Corn, Beans, and Greenhouse Vegetables                         Follow on Facebook

   A certified organic farm near Vermillion, SD.,  the focus is on grass-based sustainable practices that result in high quality meat products and eggs. 

Sunrise Ranch  :  Organic Grassfed Lamb and Beef, no antibiotics 
   Located in Edgemont, SD the livestock are never exposed to chemical herbicides or pesticides. 

Thankful Harvest  :  Grassfed Beef, Lamb , and Nonsoy Pastured Poultry.                                                                                            Follow on Facebook

   Located in Holstein IA, Tom and Kristi German run a grass-based, organic farm applying organic management for the benefit of the consumer, the environment, the animals and the farm. 


Wild Idea Buffalo Company  :  100% grassfed buffalo                                                                                                                          Follow on Facebook     Our animals roam in large pastures and are 100% grass fed. They are never subjected to antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or confinement.  Located near Rapid City SD. 

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