Quality of Life for South Dakota evolved from a small group of concerned citizens who banded together to oppose incoming Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's).  


On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 the Yankton County Planning and Zoning Board approved zoning ordinance variance requests. submitted by three different farmers, allowing them to construct seven new high capacity (2,400 head) hog barns in Yankton County. 

The type of barns  approved pose many heath and safety risks to residents living near them.  In addition to health impacts, homes in close proximity to a CAFO frequently suffer dramatic losses in property values, some reporting losses of up to 60%. Of these three applicants, only one barn owner lives within a mile of the barns proposed. But many residents live as close as one quarter mile.

County infrustructure will rapidly decline with building these barns. Roads in these areas have already fallen into disrepair, and the heavy traffic these types of barns bring will only hasten the degradation. 

Residents of Mission Hill, Volin, Gayville, Yankton, and the surrounding areas, have come together and created the group Quality of Life for South Dakota.  We pledge to promote responsible agricultural for our Yankton community, and surrounding areas.